Benidorm Holidays...Why Benidorm?

If this is going to be your first visit to Benidorm, congratulations! You're going to have a ball, read on!

When you are on a Benidorm holiday you'll see smiling faces  everywhere you go - on happy people who've discovered the secret of Benidorm...
…That it's just about the easiest place in the world to forget all those troubles & cares and simply give in to doing nothing but enjoying yourself - in a fabulous climate - at any time of the year.

You really can find something for everyone.
With 27 four star hotels, Benidorm offers an incredible selection of entertainment and excitement for people of all ages. Four of the biggest Theme Parks in Europe, a spectacular wine and dine theatre with fabulous international shows and a host of showbars with a variety of first class entertainment.

You’ll find 6 big nightclubs, plenty of discos and every type of bar you could wish for from quiet and sophisticated to lusty and loud! There are a wide variety of restaurants of all nationalities serving everything from a la carte to Spanish tapas. From burgers, pies and pizzas to Gobi steak and sushi. Mmm! Water sports include the famous cable-ski and there are 2 two top flight golf courses. Or you can relax in peaceful parks or take exhilarating walks along the promenade.

Poniente Beach


The two major beaches, the Levante and the Poniente are beautiful, long stretches of soft, golden sand and due to their Southerly orientation are kept naturally clean, consistently receiving the prestigious European Blue Flag awards for quality of services and water. The Poniente now has a beautiful new promenade and volleyball courts on the beach.

More about the beaches

The Weather

Sunset palm treesThe weather is remarkably mild, with an average sea temperature in the summer of 24ºC and air temperature of 26ºC. The winter is cooler but still renowned for its mild and sunny climate. The summer months are generally popular with younger tourists, spring and autumn with everyone and, whilst the winter is more popular with older tourists, increasing numbers of savvy holiday-makers of all ages are seeking short breaks here.

In other words Benidorm is simply
'a classic  place to take a holiday in Spain.'


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Derek Workman the travel author says…..

"The image of Benidorm usually portrayed in the British press is more often than not of a resort full of boozers out for a good time on the cheap. This image disappeared long ago, but is unfortunately maintained through malicious press who prefer to jibe at a sitting sun-drenched duck than actually look at just how far the city has come since the larger-lout, San Miguel swilling days of the late 70’s and early 80’s when British tour companies flooded the resort with a fortnight’s cheap holiday, all-in for the price of a pint. Let’s lay to rest a few of the old war horses that the media insist on riding when they dredge their archives while researching Europe’s single most popular holiday destination."

Forget all those dusty preconceptions and…..
Read more from Derek Workman about Benidorm Holiday Myths

How developed is Benidorm?

With excellent travel connections to the rest of Europe, by air, land and sea Benidorm boasts an impressive, modern infrastructure: including an excellent public transport network, extensive mobile and fixed telephone network; running water and electricity throughout the town; ATM bank machines and high-speed internet access.

How big is Benidorm?

Benidorm is a large resort with approximately 60,000 beds and an average annual occupancy of 90%; it has a year-round resident population of 74,000 (this has increased by 17,000 in the last 7 years). 35% of the population is non-Spanish. We told you it was popular!
Benidorm itself stretches for over 4 miles along the sea-front divided near the centre by the historic Old Town.

Where is Benidorm? 

Benidorm is one of Spain's most popular tourist resorts. It lies on the Eastern (Mediterranean) Coast of Spain between Valencia and Alicante, in the province of Alicante, in a region known as the Costa Blanca.
Benidorm is only a two hour flight from most major European Capitals (London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Zurich). The nearest Airport is Alicante (El Altet) International Airport, linked by a motorway 60 km away. There are regular flights all year round.

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