Benidorm in February

It's Carnival time!! Benidorm comes alive with music, dancing and the brightest of colours so get out there and shake a tail feather with the best of them!

Carnival is the last chance to let your hair down and enjoy a party before the serious business of Lent occurs! Benidorm holds a fab parade with numerous floats, dancers and costumed characters. The floats can be a work of art and they all have their own theme. Often they've been worked on for months and the effort is plain to see. At the end of carnival time they have the intriguing festival called 'Burial of the Sardine'. This is a strange ritual that originally announced the arrival of Lent. It started off as a pig that had been buried but then became a sardine!
Carnival is usually held on or around Shrove Tuesday so do ask at the hotel reception for more information. Oh, and don't forget to take your camera'll see some fantastic sights!

Weather: 9-16 degrees. Day-wear: layers are best with short-sleeved t-shirts. Evening: warm coat.

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