Benidorm in November

It's fiesta time! Fun, fancy dress, fireworks and the biggest party of the year! It's extremely popular so make sure you book well ahead.

Holidaymakers book up to a year ahead to get a hotel room during the November fiesta – so you can't get any better affirmation than that!
The Fiestas of the Town (Las Fiestas Patronales), celebrating Benidorm's patron saints, El Virgen del Suffrage and Jaime Apostle runs from the Friday before the second weekend of the month until the following Wednesday. HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE - the festival is preceded by all sorts of sporting and cultural events including things like football, concerts, fishing contests etc. so if you don't get chance to go during, try and head out the week before.

Weather: 16-25 degrees. Day-wear: swimwear, t-shirt/layers. Evening: light coat, jumper or long sleeves
Prepare for the odd shower.

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