Benidorm in September

The August rush is over and Benidorm starts to relax and temperatures are more manageable. The kids are back at school but the fun continues.

Last week of September is another spectacular fiesta; the Moors and Christians. The festival commemorates 1492 when the Christians banished those pesky Moors from the Iberian Peninsula. Now this fiesta is worth seeing. For three days feasts and fun abound, until, finally, the 'filaes' (ranks of trooping Moors and Christians) parade through the town in a dazzling spectacle. The Christians in stalwart rows, strong and resplendent, wearing armour of shiny helmets and breastplates. The swarthy, bearded Moors follow, exotic and dark in their feathered headwear and silk robes. The slow and insistent rhythm of the accompanying music sets an hypnotic scene. It's a great one to join in with or you could just laze on the beach and then enjoy the best evening entertainment out there.

Weather:18-26 degrees. Day-wear: swimwear, strappy tops/t-shirts, linen and shorts. Evening: summer dresses, light shirts, shorts.

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