Albir, Costa Blanca, a great family holiday resort .

The little resort of Albir in the area of Alfaz del Pí is wedged between Benidorm and Altea. It is ideally suited for those who’d like an alternative to the busy beaches of Benidorm, but still like to enjoy ‘sol y playa’ and all the other amenities of a good beach resort.

So... once you have arrived in this lovely place and are preparing to have the time of your life, you may as well put some facts under you hat – while you’re ahead.

Beach and Sea

Albir’s beach is called “Playa de Racó de l’Albir” and is approx. 590 meters long, continually receiving the coveted European Union Blue Ribbon award annually since 2001.

If you’re early enough – or just lucky, you can park your car right on the ‘Paseo de Estreles’, behind the beach with views accross to the impressive ‘Peñon de Ifach’ and the resort of Calpe. Almost as pleasant as the view, is the spacious and quiet atmosphere of the beaches (these pictures were taken in August!).

During the swimming season, the beach is constantly monitored by 3 life-guards. At daytime an ambulance is permanently parked on stand-by and for minor injuries (such as abrasions) you can visit the permanent first-aid post at the beginning of the boulevard.

There are public toilets situated in the middle of the boulevard so you have to walk (or run, depending how pressing the call of nature is) an equidistance from either end of the beach.

Also, along the beach you will find facilities to rinse your feet with fresh water before you step onto the boulevard. And for the junior visitors to the beach, there are 2 children’s playgrounds where the little ones can have some safe fun. The playgrounds are unattended so parent will have to arrange that for themselves.

Spacious Albir

When the architects designed how the modern Albir would look, they made some very good decisions, they took care of wide streets lined with trees providing the spacious atmosphere that are so well known from the beautiful cities of Spain. Well, Albir certainly breathes this atmosphere but with a big difference - there’s plenty of parking space (except the beach) and it’s free! Can you say the same of your home town?


Restaurants, Cafes and the Bars

In the quiet and calm atmosphere of Albir, you will still find plenty of occasions to excite your senses. Because the service providers of Albir are geared towards catering to the northern European public, you won’t find much to be desired for. You’ll discover an abundance of restaurants, bars and café’s – some having cool and shady terraces - all on the roads leading from the entrance of the village to the beach, so you don’t have to walk a marathon to be able to enjoy them all!

Get yourself a front row seat at one the many places on the boulevard with excellent food, drink and fair prices.

Getting around

Now there are times when you may get the urge to swap Albir’s tranquility for some serious Benidorm shopping, eating, drinking or partying. Then you should know how to get around. You can make your way from Albir to Benidorm by bus or by taxi. Bus stops, called parada’s, are conveniently located along Albir’s main roads (see the map) and are no more than a 10 minute walk apart. Bus nr. 10 leaves every 15 minutes to Benidorm from 10:00 in the morning until 21:00 in the evening

The ride takes approx. 20 minutes and you can get off at the stops in the Benidorm Levante area (you should change buses in case you like to visit other areas of Benidorm). A single ticket costs € 0,90. A 20-ride pass will set you back € 16,20. Do not hesitate to ask the busdriver any details, they are very friendly and helpful.


A ride from the taxi ranks at the Avenida de l’Albir to the Benidorm old town takes approx. 10 to 15 minutes (depending on traffic) and will cost anywhere between € 8,- and € 11,-. You can either call the taxi-central for a ride at 966 810 010 or 902 075 073, or just stroll to the taxi rank and get into one over there.


Groceries & Shopping

Should you be staying at one of our beautiful apartments, and need to get some groceries into ‘the house’ or just want to get some thing to snack on the beach, again Albir will not let you down. Scattered across town are some excellent supermarkets with an internationally oriented assortment of food, snacks and drinks. Some of them even stock articles from home. And in case your mindset is ‘hypermarket’ instead of ‘supermarket’, then you can make your way to the Benidorm Finestrat shopping area. The Carrefour hypermarket is big enough to park a Boeing 747 in and still have room for some manouvering – we kid you not!


Although no-one on holiday plans to get poorly or even sick, one cannot always prevent this. Heck, one might even have some blood in their alcohol from last night’s celebrations. We’re speaking of your neighbour of course, you would never let it come to that. Anyway, should you need any self-medication or get a prescription fulfilled there are some good pharmacies in Albir.


Right in the centre of Albir, lies a true gem, Albir Golf. This is a wonderful, multifunctional piece of… well, grassland actually. It’s covers approx. 2 hectares and is lined with beautiful trees and shrubs. It is owned and cared for by the council of l’Alfaz del Pi. One very nice consequence of this is that the grounds are freely accessible to the public and that using the grounds are free of charge.

On Albir Golf people play cricket, football and of course golf. There’s room to practice both your drive on the 130 meter range, as well as your put. The lookers on are certainly not forgotten. They can sit and watch what’s going on from fixed wooden benches or plastic seats which can be picked up at the wooden building at the entrance of the premises. Refreshment and snacks are also available there. Is there something you cannot do there? Actually there is, you cannot walk your dog there for obvious reasons. But perhaps best of all, Albir Golf is at walking distance from nearly every hotel, apartment and the beach. The timetable for the different activities may vary a little from season to season, but for the time being (summer 2005) the golf-schedule is as follows: weekdays 09:00 – 12:30 and 16:30 – 19:00 (except op Wednesdays), Saturday and Sunday 09:00 – 12:00. On the other times other sports can be performed.


Gentlemen, your attention please! Should you have to make up to your wife because you, well, e.g. got home late and “under due influence”, you can do so by having her pampered by a beautician. The Albir Bowls and Squash Club gladly offers you this service. So you’re off the hook once again.


Well, you can blame the Spanish for lots of things, but lack of fiestas is certainly not one of them. And, again, Albir is no exception. Aren’t we the lucky ones!

On the 19th of March the fiesta of San José is celebrated. In the month of May, at the first weekend, the “fiesta de la Creuta” takes place. In the first week of July one of the highlights of the season is organized: the film festival. By the way, the sea boulevard, called “Paseo de las Estrellas” is aptly named because all the famous moviestars who attended the early film festivals have their names mentioned on the very marble you walk on. From August 1st until 15th the summer fiesta is celebrated. And finally in the months of November end December the fiestas of “Honor del Santisomo Cristo” and “El Buen Acierto y la Purisma”, take place respectively.


During wintertime Albir does not get much quieter than in summer. When the tourists leave, the (semi) residents return. You will not see a noticeable drop in activities, facilities or services. Of course, the beach activities will cease. The “Casa de Cultura” in Alfaz del Pi offers activities in wintertime like language lessons, theatre, concerts and expositions.

Albir is simply a fun place to be. One of the best spots on the Costa Blanca for grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren to have family fun.

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