Hotel Esmeralda Benidorm

Tired of living in a monochrome world of grey skies and grey days? Then brighten up your life in Benidorm's poptastic Esmeralda Hotel & ART. This hotel is a living modern canvas both inside and out, and with 68 individually designed rooms in flamboyant colours and styles, you'll never wander into the wrong room by mistake!

Unmissable in its prime location just across from Poniente beach, it has superb views of the picturesque port, the sea and the sweeping arc of sand down to La Cala. The charming Elche 'dove' park is just across the road by the beach and for some great nights out the old town centre is only 50 metres away.


Your double room will be like no other in the Hotel and like no other you've ever experienced! With Pop Art designs ranging from fashion to comic book to landscape and some innovatively styled furniture, you'll really have something to talk about with people staying in 'ordinary' hotels! Like them you'll have air conditioning, heating, TV and phone, and the majority of the rooms have a private balcony.


You'll get plenty of greens, but never the blues, in the Esmeralda's cheerful restaurant. Ultra modern and up to date it's a colourful culinary experience you won't forget. In the mood for snacking? Just point to the blackboard in the Tapas bar for some tasty local specialities, small or large, to go with a cool refreshing beer or wine.

With tons of bars, shops and restaurants nearby and with its 'unusual' style the Hotel Esmeralda & ART is unlikely to
appeal to anybody who blends in with the filing cabinets.
It's a fun place for fun people, individuals who can't be
categorised and who want the most from their holiday.

It is, in short -  different.



Hotel Benidorm