Stay Healthy on Holiday in Benidorm

Of course, you probably will! Especially if you read our Useful Holiday Info. Any real problems, remember we've listed emergency numbers for you to print off.

Good news though, Spanish pharmacists are most helpful, and wizards at recommending the equivalent of your English medicine, or suggesting an alternative.

Important -  European Health Insurance Card

In Spain, along with other European countries, you are entitled to free or reduced cost emergency treatment provided you have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) that replaced the E111 form on 1st January 2006. You can apply for one through the Post Office or online at

Whilst it isn't a replacement for good insurance cover, it can help for emergencies though not for medication.
NOTE - you should still take out holiday insurance with medical cover.

These pages cover some of the more common holiday health concerns. They are not a definitive guide, nor do they offer specific advice about how to treat the problems if they should occur. Prevention is the better way! So, read on, wise up, and pack your favourite remedies just in case. Obviously, if you have any real concerns either before or during your holiday, seek proper medical advice.

Insect Bites

Mmm, can itch, look a mess, and possibly get infected. Not nice. Consider buying a suitable repellant spray or cream, and covering arms and legs, especially after dark - the mosquitos can be persisitent. If this sounds like too much trouble think about the non-itchy irritaion you'll feel if your holiday is blighted by a bite, especially if you've got children/babies or have sensitive skin which complains bitterly after a little nibble.

Animal Bites

These can set up infections which can be serious or worse. So, despite new regulations enabling some pets to holiday, it is still best to be wary of all animals, even those who are apparently tame.

Tummy Troubles

You could end up with stomach upsets for a variety of reasons. Consider the following then you won't have to try them for size:

  • Downing iced drinks in the blazing sun causes temperature clashes in your system, so beware of blaming the food. Better to have a drink at body temperature or slightly chilled - no ice - when you're in the hot sun. Save the iced drinks for when you've cooled down in the shade
  • Generally, its best to buy bottled water for drinking. Tap water should be OK for cleaning teeth and cooking but it does taste slightly different to the stuff at home

Sunburn - see also 'Suncare'

Sunstroke (Heatstroke) and Heat Exhaustion

Both are the very unpleasant consequence of too much exposure to sun and high temperatures. They lead to excessive fluid loss and/or failure of your body's heat regulating mechanisms.

Sunstroke begins with headache, dizziness and fatigue, and may lead to disorientation and convulsions.

Heat exhaustion (related to excessive fluid loss) may lead to fatigue, anxiety and sweats.

Dangerous! And the last thing you want on your holiday, so again - respect the sun. It'll help if you wear a hat and sunglasses, stay cool and drink loads of water.

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