How to phone home from Benidorm

Ringing mobiles and landline numbers

To call the UK, dial the international code 0044, then leave the first zero off the number you're calling.

E.g. Landline number for Nottingham - 0044 115 1234567
Mobile number in the UK - 0044 7850 123456

Public telephones take either coins or phone cards. Buy phone cards for different credit values from souvenir shops, tobacconists, mobile phone shops and supermarkets.

Look out for 'Telefonica' huts or cabins - here you pay after you've talked and it can work out at good value. In certain circumstances you may need to use facilities through your hotel reception. Reliable and quick, but likely to be more expensive.

(If the folks back home need to ring you, they dial 0034 then leave the first zero off the number they're calling).

Using your mobile abroad

If you're on a contract, contact your phone network. (You can often do this over the internet). Since calls can be quite expensive, you'll need to ensure they'll: agree to use abroad; and also arrange for 'Roaming' functions.

Similar arrangements hold good for pay-as-you-go phones. Ensure you can access 'Roaming', and remember top up cards are available here, but calls will be expensive!

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