Safety and Security in Benidorm

Personal Safety and Security

Although some of these points are common sense, remember......a strange phenomena can appear along with the holiday sun - you're relaxed, having a tip top time, feeling laid back........and somewhat invincible. Not! Please note what follows.

Bags and Belongings

  • Frustrate the high-speed bag snatchers by walking on the inside of the pavement and hold your bag on the side of your body away from the kerb
    * Never leave your bag unattended -not for a moment.
    * Don't put it on the floor whilst you try something on,
    * Don't hang it on the back of your chair when you're out, * Don't lie it in your trolley at the supermarket,
    * Don't walk with it undone or with your wallet in your hand,
    * Don't 'hide' it under a towel on the beach
    * Take only what you need when going out. Leave the rest in an insured safety deposit box at your accommodation - and how many times have you said, 'yep, good idea, will do it if it's not too expensive?'. It's not too expensive, but losing your money and stuff IS!
  • Displays of money, jewellery, fancy luggage and bags, and certain kinds of clothes can attract the wrong type of attention...
    Sleep with money and valuables close by you at night.

Theft and Robbery

If your passport or valuables are stolen, you should report this to the police (Policía Nacional or Guardia Civil) - if you are going to make a claim on your holiday insurance then it will be necessary for you to have a copy of the police report. To do it yourself by visiting the police station would probably involve you having an interpreter. Therefore it is better (and faster) to make the report over the phone:

  • Call 902 102 112 and ask for someone speaking English. (If all operators are busy, you will hear a Spanish announcement followed by music - just hold the line until you are put through).
  • The interpreter, who is trained by the police, will take the details of your incident and input them in Spanish onto the Internet. 
  • When you have finished providing the information, the interpreter will tell you from which police station you can collect a copy of the report.
  • You are given a reference number. 
  • When you give this reference number in at the police station they will download the report from the Internet, check it, if possible examine any damage your possessions may have suffered and you are given the certified copy of the report for your insurers.

This doesn’t cost anything, you only pay for the telephone call.

You and Yours

  • Leave an itinerary of your trip (or your day out whilst on holiday) with someone responsible
  • Be alert and develop a feel or 'street' sense for your surroundings
  • If you are holidaying alone - good for you - choose accommodation carefully. Think about the location. Will it be a safe and comfortable walk back after an evening out? Consider also the security of your room; whether the locks and window fasteners are working properly; any visitors you're (not?) expecting - check to see who it is before opening the door
  • Remember the things you'd do or not do at home, and, for peace of mind - stick to 'em. Just because you're under a Mediterranean sky, agreeing to meet (or whatever) with total strangers doesn't suddenly become safe.....READ ON!!
  • Cover holiday safety with the kids. Do they know the name of your hotel? Where to meet up if separated?


On holiday it's all too easy to let your guard down a bit, but sadly, traffic accidents are the major cause of death among travellers. Please...

  • Remember seat belts and child restraints, and wear a helmet if you ride a motor bike or scooter. (very nasty fines if you don't)
  • Don't drink and drive - you know the risks and the penalties in Spain are extremely severe
  • Allow extra time when crossing the road. It seems odd and can be tricky to judge distances when the traffic is using the opposite sides of the road

Safety in the Water

  • Don't swim alone or after you've had a lot to eat or drink - you might sink!
  • Make sure your party is well aware of the shallow end of the pool
  • Never leave young children unattended, even by the shallowest paddling pool

Hazardous Sports and Diving

The opportunities are there! But -

  • ensure there are adequate emergency medical facilities on hand (there's a bonus to this. Just asking the question will encourage you to consider, 'do I really wanna do this thing?)
  • strictly follow all the relevant safety guidance and use equipment
  • check that your holiday/medical insurance covers you fully in the event of any accident
  • divers, especially, check the recommended time between flights and dives
  • don't do anything after a skinful! There's always tomorrow, consider it in the cold light of day

But it's a holiday... sex, chips 'n' rock 'n' roll...
and holidays are when you get to party, let your hair down, live it up and meet new people. So do it wised-up style and check out for no-nonsense advice that's right-on and tells it like it is.

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