Benidorm Facts

Browsing the national papers and magazines this week we've found some incredible facts for you. The in-flight magazine of national airline Iberia tells us that over 41 million Europeans booked their holiday on line last year through sites like Benidorm Spotlight. A staggering 20 million of these people chose Spain as their destination, demonstrating how popular the country is.

Meanwhile, the respectable national journal La Razón carried an article about the most visited cities in all Spain. Predictably Madrid was in top spot, but guess which was second, beating the likes of Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca? You guessed it - Benidorm!

It just goes to show that the tourist authorities here have got the mix exactly right - where else in one place could you find superb beaches, wonderful excursions, massive theme parks, a spectacular array of entertainment for all ages, and fantastic accommodation at reasonable prices?

27 January 2006

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