Biking in Benidorm

all visitors need do is speak with their hotel reception

A bike lending scheme introduced by Benidorm council just a few weeks ago has been so successful that they've asked the authorities for more money to expand it!

Like many cities in Spain Benidorm now has ten bike stations with an average of ten bikes in each where users can check out a bike using either a special smart card or by SMS. Computer controlled, the system then automatically notes where and when the bike is returned.

Membership of the bike club is available from the council offices, but better still, because of the high number of tourists in town, all visitors need do is speak with their hotel reception to become part of the scheme.

Ideal for journeys from A to B around town, it's designed to promote environmental awareness by reducing gas emissions and cutting down on fossil fuel usage.

The ten bike stations in existence at the moment are; Rincon de Loix, Avenida Europa, Plaza Torrejo, Parque de Elche, Town Hall, Muncipal Market, Bus station, Tram station, Foietes Sports Centre and L'Illa Sports Centre. If the council succeeds with the new funding then there will be another 24 stations around the town.

Good luck to them in improving an already great scheme!

9 September 2010

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