ITV's Benidorm is Back

it brings in millions of Euros

One of Britain's most popular comedy series, Benidorm, will shortly be back on our screens for its 6th season. The production team are currently in Benidorm and this week were holding auditions for extras on the programme.


Over 700 people turned up at the Melia Hotel to try to get a walk on part in the show which would give them 15 minutes of minor celebrity and €50 a day plus meals!

Politicians and the tourist industry love the show, not only does it bring in millions of Euros to the town every year during its 4 month stay – hotels fees, vehicle and equipment hire, payments to staff and so on and so on – but it also gives untold free publicity to the town.


Shown at peak time on Friday evenings in Britain to an audience of millions, it has been said that holiday bookings to Benidorm rise significantly when the programme is on. Let's hope it does the same when it's shown later on this year!

8 March 2013 Stephen White

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