Clubbing & Disco’s in Benidorm

Benidorm clubbingWhen it comes to clubbing in the sun, most people immediately think of Ibiza.

But club life in Benidorm is really alive and kicking, and Benidorm is also home to some amazing nightclubs with each summer throwing up intense parties featuring some of the world's top djs.

Most of the main clubs in Benidorm are situated along the same strip, Avenida Communitat Valencia, which is only a taxi ride away, costing approx. 7 or 8 Euros at the most.

Tickets for the major clubs vary between 15 to 30 Euros but will usually include at least one or two free drinks. And maybe even a free t-shirt if you arrive at the right time!

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These are centred around ‘The Square’ in the centre of the Levant part of Benidorm. This is a party paradise with pure Disco’s each with their character & atmosphere plus many of the Cabarets and Showbars which also switch to Disco at around 2.30a.m. Many also offering adult shows and all open until late,late.

Here is a quick look at some of your Clubbing & Disco options in Benidorm...

KM Disco

KM Disco
The best tunes at the best location.
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Ku Club

KU Benidorm
Club KU is arguably the finest club in Benidorm and offers the complete clubbing experience you need.
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If you're a clubber who gets dressed up to look your finest, ready to party alongside some of the sexiest looking people in town, then make yourself right at home.
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Club Manssion
Manssion is only open on Saturdays ... but every Saturday is a full house with over 5,000 clubbers turning up to see the biggest names in hardcore from Spain and across Europe.

EVENT | Electrobeach Festival Benidorm 2014 confirmed, free tickets up for grabs!
2 Apr 2014
Love sunshine, Benidorm and electronic dance music? Oh my have we got news for you. Electrobeach Benidorm 2014. It's gonna be large.

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