Spotlight's Guide to Eating Out in Benidorm

It's all here - from spectacular showtime and fine cuisine to cosy pubs where you can feel

Most of Benidorm's holidaymakers will eat out at some stage. The good news is there are quite literally hundreds of options. So. Are you - up for sampling regional tapas? Anticipating seriously posh menus for special nights out? Meeting the demands of a substantial appetite with a budget that doesn't match? Keen to find a comfy spot for afternoon cakes? In search of a hearty breakfast to sustain lively holidaymaking?

Whichever, we've done the footwork for you. We've relentlessly endured the challenge of eating out, and, to save you disappointment, selected various kinds of eateries from the salivatingly simple to the sublime.

A word, please, about the Menu del Dia. How many times back home have you seen a 'special offer' menu and thought... no, too good to be true. Well, do yourself a favour and try one here. They are usually extremely good, tasty, top value meals and the vino may well be included. Wine and Dine in Benidorm's best restaurants.

And mis amigos, be tempted, be very tempted, by Tapas. Whether you've loved or loathed them in the 'genuine' Tapas bars springing up all over the place, here, in Spain, you'll get the real thing and it's fantastico.

...all you have to do is enjoy yourself. With our help, of course...

All the eateries listed are worth trying with confidence and the categories make it even easier.

Mm mm mmmmh. Enjoy.

Restaurants in Benidorm
Top quality international cuisine, Italiano, spicy Indian, sea-food to die for and some really tasty local dishes...

Tapas Special!
You ain't been to Spain 'til you've had Tapas - the real taste of Spain... oh and so delicious!

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