Benidorm Tapas Special!

Tapas... those small, Spanish snacks which take many forms. 'How shall I describe thee? Well to tell the truth, I cannot count the ways' - because quite literally there are hundreds of types.

Those who like the fun of new eating experiences whilst on holiday will enjoy a visual and tasty feast. And to those who might only wimpishly venture forth, remember if you like eat/fish/ vegetables/eggs/cheese you're bound to find a few tapas to fit the bill. Begin by choosing something you can easily recognise then... go on, have a go, you know you want to!

 Tapas Alley ... running from Pl. de la Constitutio, and along Santo Domingo.

Tapas Alley is the locals' name for a mouth watering concentration of Catalan or Basque style 'Tapas opportunities', running from Pl. de la Constitutio, and along Santo Domingo. As you're about to read, it's not just tapas - take your pick from a number of choices to suit all tastes, budgets and appetites. But as Spanish food experiences go, it's well worth having a look - so interesting, so Spanish!

So take a stroll... and there's an added bonus. Many local people enjoy whiling away the time here so you'll get a real flavour of Spain in more ways than one.

EVENT | Benidorm to host its 4th annual 'tapas and pinchos' competition
28 Mar 2014
If you’re lucky enough to be in Benidorm next week, a delicious treat awaits you.

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