Shopping in Benidorm - a real pleasure!

'Spotlight' on definitions- SHOPPING (verb) - the pursuit of happiness, especially when undertaken on holiday, in fact, likely to produce exquisite pleasure.

So, what type of shopper are you? The, I'd-rather-have-teeth-pulled variety?

Or the serious strategist whose forays are equipped with spare shoes for aching feet, a chocolate bar to boost flagging energy levels, and a thermos flask for a caffeine shot just to prolong the gratifying experience?

Whichever, even the hard to get types usually feel different about shopping on holiday, or, as you may prefer to seduce them, 'just having a look round'.

Loads of shops, prices to suit all pockets, and bags of choice...

And whatever makes you tingle, Benidorm caters for all tastes. Loads of shops, prices to suit all pockets, and bags of choice. Before we get too breathless though, remember that things we buy on holiday do help anchor the memory: treats for our house, the folks back home, the kids, ourselves, or that special person with whom we've had such a fabulous time. Right then! That's the pleasure seeking properly justified. Now prepare for a little joy... and take a look at some selections we've made for you...

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Clothes Shops
Fashion & Leather Goods - as you might expect, there's a proliferation of places supplying glorious coats, jackets, you name it. All tastes and pockets are covered. Style statements a-plenty... smell the luxury. Baby Wear - it's true, though not sure why there should be quite so many of them. Loads of shops selling the most adorable 'baby linen'. Whether you're into the traditional hand-smocked stuff or cutting edge designer babywear the choice is overwhelming. Makes you wish you had someone to buy it for.

...oooh. The perfect holiday memento if bling's your thing. Designs tend to be fairly modern and very stylish. Gemstones are popular and pieces have that distinctive continental chic, that something that you wouldn't necessarily find back home. Generally prices seem reasonable, especially considering the design element, rather than representing mega bucks investments.

Bags and Shoe Shops
no surprises here then! The Spanish love shoes and you are spoilt for choice in Benidorm. See some of our selections. More...

Specialist Shops
There's also a Body Shop, an official Barcelona Football club outlet, a specialist Teddy shop, Wine Bodega's. More...

Bazaars... there are dozens of 'em selling very similar bargain basement stuff, and they are cheaper than cheap. Fun for those who like to root and rummage

...And Finally...

Look out for little hot spots

 Look out for little hot spots e.g. off the Passeig de la Carreterra a little alley leads to a square packed to the ginnels with leather goods, and between the promenade and the Avda del Mediterraneo in the Rincon de Loix area there's a mini shopping centre, a bit like a market. 

EVENT | Bargain alert! 2nd open-air 'outlet fair' to hit the Benidorm streets
25 Apr 2014
Fancy a whopping 50-70% discount on end-of-season sale items in beautiful Benidorm?

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