Open every day all year.
Open 24 hours during high season less in low season.

Over a decade ago a Benidorm Subway restaurant first opened its doors to bring you a better alternative to traditionally fatty fast food. Now there are two of these excellent, light and airy establishments for dining in or take away.

For snacks with less fat choose the healthy option at Subway, with only 6g of fat and full of flavour; you don't have to compromise on taste!

For an evening get together or a celebration, you can choose your favourite Subs in 10cm portions, served on a platter for 5 to 8 people (16 sandwiches per platter). Simply great for all occasions!

Discover the flavours of your favourite recipe in another form! For tasty Salads & Wraps, transform any 15cm Sub from the range into deliciously different meals.

Subway 1 Levante, Map Ref 25 - Subway 2 Rincon De Loix, Map ref 35

Dazzle your friends by serving a GIANT sandwich on braided bread with a filing of your choice.
They can measure 1 foot to ten feet depending on events! Measurements are not exact.