Aqua Natura Benidorm

Fancy a dip in the Greek Isles?

Thrills and spills with sharks and rays, hundreds of metres of high speed water slides and relaxing hydrotherapy.

Great fun for kids of all ages in the water park with catwalks, bridges, water castles and 800 metres of zoom-a-rific water slides. Youngsters will have the time of their lives – just watch the excitement on their faces when the waves start to swell over the pool...

Dive, dive, dive into the undersea world of majestic sharks, rays and multicoloured shoals of fish. Or just relax with some soothing hydrotherapy and sunbathing on the white sandy beaches. - Click small images below to enlarge.

"La Cresta"

Benidorm’s Aqua Natura water park is inaugurating ‘La Cresta’, the only water attraction in the world that lets you experience the feeling of zero gravity. 

This chute is a kind of roller coaster that reaches over 15 metres in height and is completely enclosed. You ride the chute on a float for either one or two people until you reach a platform 20 metres high. 

From this water platform the ride continues by ascending an eight-metre ramp, which uses the inertia of the descent, until finally you reach a huge pool at the bottom.

Wave Pool

A fabulous wave pool welcomes you to a day full of fun in the sun with your family and friends. Take a stroll along thebeach, relax on one of the three islands, stretch out on one of our comfortable sun loungers or enjoy a refreshing drink under the shade of the parasols by the beach bar.

The irregularly-shaped pool covers an area of 5,000 square metres and contains some 6,000 cubic metres of water. It is surrounded by rocks, waterfalls and geysers. 

Within this stretch of water you’ll find various areas for bathers, including the wave zone, the water chute zone and the swimming zone.

Black Hole

A tubular chute 1.40 metres in diameter, 104 metres long and starting from a height of 12 metres. This is an experience for the most daring, featuring a heart-stopping plunge at great speed into a black hole with strobe effect lighting, bursting out into a sheet of water. Great fun to go down two-by-two with your friends on the special float – an exciting and refreshing sensation.

Zigzag Giant Slide

  • Zigzag Giant Slide
  • Zigzag Giant Slide
  • Zigzag Giant Slide

A U-shaped chute 1.12 metres wide, 105 metres long and starting from a height of 12 metros. Let yourself be swept away by the current on a crazy zigzagging descent, whizzing round the curves. You’ll feel as if it’s never going to end!

All the chutes in Set 1 come out in a special zone separated from the wave pool with a depth of 1.10 metres.


A U-shaped slide 0.6 metres wide, 50 metres long and starting from a height of 11 metres. Take the plunge on a dizzying, refreshing descent with your friends on 4 parallel slides. Let’s see who gets there first!

Sea Lions

The demonstrations will be held every day and are packed with interesting information about the characteristics of these animals and their habitat, reproductive habits and lifestyles. All this is combined with touches of humour to ensure that spectators have fun as well as learning.


2018 Aqua Natura Prices & Tickets

The Spotlight tickets you buy here are 5 EUR cheaper per adult and 5 EUR cheaper per child than the tickets you buy in Benidorm! In the high season you will not have to join the long queues because you have VIP Box Office Bypass entry with your Benidorm Spotlight ticket!

Each ticket allows you entrance to Aqua Natura for a full day, but is valid for 1 week to allow you to choose which day you want to go.







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