Terra Natura Benidorm

A World Awaits You...

With its zoological collection, fantastic shows, landscaping and architecture, Terra Natura is one of the absolute musts for anyone visiting Benidorm and the Costa Blanca. To fully enjoy all the attractions of the Park, we recommend you set aside a full day for your visit.

Terra Natura is a new-generation wildlife park where you can discover the “Zooimmersion” experience – a new concept in habitat design which will enable you to come into contact with the animals as if there were no barriers between you – at least, no visible ones! The 320,000 square metres of the Benidorm park are divided into four themed areas: Pangea, the entrance to the park, America, Europe and Asia

Asia, a Spiritual Land

A land with an exotic, exciting, collection of animals; tigers, water buffalo, gazelles, dwarf deer, crocodiles, king cobra, enormous pythons and mighty elephants - at work and play.

You can soar like an eagle at 50 km per hour on a thrilling descent by zip wire over grazing elephants – it's unforgettable!

Don't miss Namastepur, a typical Rajasthan village, the Mahanadi Camp with its elephant drivers and a kids' play area, the Children's Temple. Plant and wildlife of India can be seen at close quarters in the Itanagar Forest and Kaziranga Wildlife Reserve.

Europe – Life Beside the Water

The calm, blue Mediterranean sea, cradle of civilisations and cultures and home to the cliff-top Greek village of Kalicameni.

Take a trip by donkey through pine and carob trees - all around the scent of rosemary and lavender. Spot the fallow deer and roebucks feeding on bushes, and partridge, curlew, swans and wild ducks by the lagoon.

America – an Air of Magic

Land of intense contrasts, strange landscapes, virgin forests and Mayan ruins, America's customs, rites and traditions will intrigue and fascinate you.

The American jungle contains strange, dangerous and exotic animals – ant eaters, armadillos, monkeys, ocelots and jaguars. And everywhere the incessant calls of toucans, spoonbills, herons and jungle turkeys.

Against this backdrop of sound and colour you can marvel at the spectacular Maya rite of 'Palo Volador,' gravity defying flight through thin air from May to October.

Not to be missed are Copaltenango, pagan rituals with modern style. The Land of the Feathered Serpent which showcases Mayan mythology, science and the rich cultural contrasts, and The Jungle of Kukulcán with some hidden surprises in the depths of the undergrowth.

Pangea, the Amazing Fire

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Step back 80 million years to a time when volcanoes spurted flames and fiery rivers of lava ran over the Earth.

The mysterious and extraordinary world of venomous creatures is waiting for you to visit, come closer and learn all about poison and the animals who produce it and use it for self-defence and to capture their prey: tarantulas from America and Asia, African scorpions, venomous lizards, deadly snakes, and even tiny multicoloured frogs which can kill an elephant with a drop of their sweat. See them close-up as if you were in there among them in Pangea!

Restaurants & Shops

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All 4 zones have a wide variety of excellent restaurants to choose from.

Entertainment & Shows

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You'll find shows and entertainment all the way round Terra Natura, from music to theare and of course, the animals!

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