The delightful Italian restaurant Topo Gigio is the largest Garden Restaurant in Benidorm. It is also one of the oldest pizzerias in town, with a reputation for more than 30 years for good food and attentive, amiable service in a friendly setting.


Owner Salvatore offers a unique style of cooking, in wood burning ovens, giving unique flavours to homemade pizzas and pasta for his tasty Italian dishes. His specialities, for which he is renowned, include delicious mussels and tender chicken breast Topo Gigio.

A special menu is also available on request.


The atmosphere of the Garden Restaurant is very relaxing with a children's play area set apart. There is live Italian music at the week-ends, it is also popular for large parties, functions and weddings.

Topo Gigio is authentic Italian cuisine, the perfect place to enjoy a really unique Taste of Italy in Spain.

Opening times:
Every day 1300 - 1600 and 1930 - 0000.

Rincon De Loix - Tel: 96 585 9413 - Map Ref 45


For your convenience, you can enjoy similar cuisine and service at another Topo Gigio restaurant with a terrace in Levante.

Opening times:
Every day 1300 - 1600 and 1930 - 0000.

Levante - Tel: 96 585 7168 - Map Ref 24