Benidorm is Young at Heart

Working out on the beach

Yes, we know, we know. Everyone's heard of Benidorm's reputation as a favourite winter warm spot for 'older' people. And there's good reason for its popularity. But it's a rather bigger story than that.

So what sets it apart?

Well, it isn't just a resort which they'd find... suitable, no. Benidorm sets out to be positively welcoming in its attitude - and that's the all important difference.

Thankfully, the times they are a-changing. No longer acceptable is it to patronisingly nod towards the young-at-heart. At any age, holidaymakers are... ... holidaymakers!

So, at whatever age these things become of interest, (north of 50? South of 98?), you may find the following points worth noting.

Compact Easy Gradients

Although Benidorm stretches quite a long way along the coast, the town itself is compact, without too many steep walks.

Good Value Meals Out


Look out for the great value Menu del Día!

If your idea of a great holiday is to let someone elso do the cooking (very good idea), you'll find any number of nice cafes and restaurants serving their Menu of the Day (Menu del Día) between 1-4pm, from about 7.50 Euros. This will be 3 or 4 courses (with some choice), probably with bread, wine, or beer included. I enjoyed one recently comprising gazpacho soup, meat and fish paella, pork chop in pepper sauce with veg, followed by Crème Caramel. Although initially dubious about the house red in a screw top bottle, the glass I drank was actually fine. An absolute bargain at 7.50 Euros for the lot. Hardly worth getting out the Fairy Liquid yourself.

Good Value Drinks

Overall, prices are very reasonable. Enjoy morning coffee and brandy, or cake and a liqueur in the afternoon for about 2.5 euros, or a plain cuppa for about 1 euro.

Cabaret and Entertainment

Proper cabaret style entertainment is widely available away from high summer, and the Benidorm Palace stages amazingly glamourous razzle dazzle 'em shows all year round.

Loads to Do

There's just so much to do and see within easy reach. Take a look at 'Things to do' for details of excursions, trips, markets, sightseeing - the lot.

Café Society

So many people enjoy the evening (late afternoon to the Spanish!) café society in the old town that it's a delight to just sit and watch the world go by. You'll see Spanish holidaymakers and locals happily meeting and greeting. (You'll hear 'em too - the chattering creates a very sociable, yet pleasant, din!)


The promenade along Levante Beach is a really fabulous route to stroll...

The promenade along Levante Beach is a really fabulous route to stroll. It's spotlessly clean, provides a great view the full length of the bay, and is most definitely a place to see and be seen. Obviously, choose the right time to visit, and you can enjoy plenty of company without the blazing sun and the young families. (They're welcome too, it's just different strokes for different folks at different times.)

Fun Workouts

Enjoy a gentle workout on the beaches, for free. Every morning sees dozens of Seniors put through their paces. I found watching effortless... ..didn't feel a thing. And there's always the coffee and brandy to look forward to...

Free Papers

Catch the shade under the sun canopy and read the daily papers on Levante Beach, at the Biblioplaya (beach library). Isn't this a top idea? It's run by the local Council and it's free (but usually closed February & March)

Beach Access for All

For those with access issues who'd love to paddle or bathe, look on both main beaches for 'Plan de Playas Accesibles'. A wide wooden path enables wheelchair users to get right down towards the sea. There, they can choose to use sea-friendly plastic 'water buggies', and get right in the briny. For people OK on foot who just need that bit of support, there are beach and sea-friendly walking sticks/crutches. They're plastic with a sort of suction cap at the end instead of a point, so you'll benefit from extra stability. Other beach authorities please take note of this valuable and inclusive initiative.

Health Help

See the sections elsewhere on health and well being, but be assured that the pharmacies here are extremely helpful and informative, and many, if not all, speak some degree of English so things don’t get “lost in the translation”. Many products available only on prescription in the UK can be bought over the counter, on the advice of the pharmacist. It all helps your peace of mind.

Benidorm is winning the generation game...!

Have you seen our Photo Gallery yet? OR looked at the many wonderful Things to Do... OR even taken our guided Tour of the Town ?

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